Kurt Gipson
Kurt Gipson
  • Title:
    Women's Basketball Assistant Coach


Coach Kurtis Gipson.joined the South Mountain Community College women's basketball team as an assistant coach before the start of the 2021-22 season. 

Gipson is from Atlanta, and is a Navy Veteran, husband, and father of five. He started coaching at the age of 19 both boys and girls in basketball and flag football.He then went to the Navy where he fought for the freedom of all Americans.

When it comes to coaching he has volunteered his time to organizations in Arizona and Georgia such as the Boys and Girls Club, Phoenix Fire, West Valley Warriors, Arizona Mavericks, Christ-Side Trotters/Stallions and currently the Phoenix Knights. 

He obtained his first paying coaching position at the age of 25 with the Academy with Community Partners High School. After being the head coach for varsity boys program for over seven years he then left to pursue other options at Heritage Academy Men's Program, also South Mountain Community College and American Indian College Women's Program. 

Coach Gipson has 15 years of experience coaching basketball at the WBA, AAU, CAA, AIA, NJCAA, NCCAA/NAIA Levels. Coach Gipson is eager to make a change, and continue to be a beacon of hope in the state of Arizona being a community leader and representative of what it means to make your dreams a reality.