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SMCC Strength & Conditioning

The Cougars’ Strength and Conditioning weight room was renovated in the summer of 2019 to improve all athletes’ strength, speed, and power on campus. It serves all nine of South Mountain athletic teams. The weight room is next to the athletic training facility where our full-time athletic trainer, Rick Wade, works closely with all teams.

Highlights of the weight room's upgrades:

  • Six sorinex squat racks
  • a new sound system
  • Four TVs
  • A section of artificial turf
  • A new dumbbell station
  • Sleds, rubber flooring and other accessories

Coaches and staff use the TrainHeroic app to stay connected with their student-athletes and their strength and conditioning throughout the season. TrainHeroic is a free app for players to track their development during their time at SMCC.

“When I first arrived on campus in the Fall of 2011, my top goal was to hire high-level S&C coaches for each athletic program, and my second goal was to renovate our weight room and fitness center areas. We have accomplished these two goals and I am proud to say we have created one of the best places to develop as a student-athlete at the junior college level in the country," said Tyler Gillum, the College's Program Director for Health and Wellness.

The weight room has a work station for all the college's strength & conditioning coaches. SMCC has a total of 5 Strength & Conditioning coaches: Chase Kisler, Kimberly Jones, Dustin Pulido, Richard Mulder and Gillum.

The weight room sets next to our newly renovated fitness center. The college renovated the fitness center in the spring of 2020,

Highlights of the Fitness Center renovations:

  • Four squat racks
  • Four treadmills
  • Two rowing machines
  • A new dumbbell station
  • Two bikes
  • 10 machines
  • A new work desk station
  • A work station treadmill
  • A sound system
  • 4 TVs
  • Medicine balls, bands, yoga mats, assisted pull-up machine and multi-functional exercise machines.