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SMCC Student-Athlete Academic Success


1. To promote and develop academic success for all Cougar student-athletes. 

2. Ensure that student-athletes maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and enroll in at least 12 credit hours per semester in order to participate.

3. Place each student-athlete on an academic path to graduate with an associates degree to enhance eligibilty at a four-year institution.

  • Student-athletes who have signed a letter of intent and receive athletic financial aid must maintain a 2.5 GPA. 
  • We are here to help you graduate & select classes that will transfer, not just keep you eligible to play.
  • Head Coaches, academic advisors, student success coordinators, student learning facilitiators and other administrators will make periodic grade checks throughout the semester to ensure student-athletes attend class and maintain grades at or above acceptable levels. 
  • Student-athletes may be required to receive academic assistance if grades fall below required levels or if they experience difficulties.


Mandatory Tutoring

“C” Grade = 1 hour per week for the subject.

“D” Grade = 2 hours per week for the subject.

“F” Grade = 3 hours per week for the subject.


All Tutoring via SMCC Learning Center

Mon.-Thur. 8am-7pm, Fridays 8am-5pm.

Virtual Services: access via online link.


Fall 2020 Course Modalities

Live-Online: classes will meet synchronously at the time listed in the class schedule on a virtual platform. Students must be on camera in the course. Be Prepared!

Online: The entire class will be held online without set meeting days or times to attend.

Hybrid: Part of the class will be held online without a set time to attend. The other part will occur in an in-person format on campus on the days and times listed in the class schedule.

Hybrid/Virtual: Part of the class will be held online without a set time to attend. The other part will occur at the time listed in the class schedule in a virtual format using a virtual platform.


Athletic Advisement Services

Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Golf: Pat Mooney,; 602-243-8084

Softball: Brittney Matta,; 602-243-8242.

Baseball: Todd Eastin,; 602-243-8245.

Your coach, friend, parents, teammates, etc are not your academic advisor. Unless directed to by an athletic advisor, avoid going to advisement center for classes. Assignments: an instructor may assign a task such as an academic plan & say “see your advisor”. That is your athletic academic advisor, not anyone in the Advisement Center.


Attend class every day

3 absences in a course: Letter from A.D.

4 absences in a course: Forfeit 10% of contests

5 absences in a course: Forfeit additional 15%

6 absences in a course: Meeting with A.D. (removal from program)


Do not wait until the 12th week to get extra help in class. If you’re struggling in a class

The first person/s to talk to is your instructor,

The second is whomever your instructor advises you to see for tutoring.

The third is your coach, just to let them know. 

The fourth is athletic academic advisor.


Additional Advice

  • Do not drop/add a class without talking with an athletic advisor first.
  • If you receive a “dropped” notice from school (call, email, text) about a class, keep going to the class and see your athletic advisor immediately.
  • Strength training is a class, it does not end after your season ends.
  • Don’t listen to your peers/friends about “that class doesn’t transfer.”
  • Follow up on everything. Don’t expect someone to get back to you because they said they would.
  • Deadlines are deadlines.  If Coach says make sure you have whatever completed by a time/date, get it done.
  • Save frequently with flash drives or via online storage. 
  • Screenshot everything you submit on Canvas. 
  • Canvas is your hub for course information.
  • Do not rely on cell phone operating capabilities.
  • Navigate your Student Center Page.
  • Apply for additional Financial Aid (FAFSA).
  • Complete Eligibility requirements on time.
  • Utilize Student Success Resources.
  • Know the Campus and Instructor contact info.
  • Understand Transfer requirements.