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SMCC Beach Volleyball Falls to Park-Gilbert

SMCC Beach Volleyball Falls to Park-Gilbert


The South Mountain Community College women's beach volleyball team (0-2) lost 5-0 to Park-Gilbert on Thursday, Feb. 18 at Gilbert Regional Park. Injuries on the fourth and fifth court forced the Cougars to forefit the contests, and the Buccaneers won in straight-sets on the other three courts. 

Madison Marcotte started on the No. 4 court but left due to injury early in the first set. Nikole Lunsford teamed with Leilani Clark to finish the match, but the point was awarded to the Buccaneers. 

FINAL: Park Gilbert 5, South Mountain CC 0

1. Miranda Bacon/Jenifer Lauer (PARK) Def. Mckenna Androsky/Kristine Garcia (SMCC): 21-12, 21-13.

2. Annika Wallace/Megan Hicks (PARK) Def. Nikole Lunsford/Claire Burford (SMCC): 21-13, 21-16

3. Giuliana Kala'l Irvine/Haylee Kroczynski (PARK) Def. Madison Cadden/Wilson (SMCC): 21-17, 21-17

4. Grace Hughes/Georgia Romine-Black (PARK) Def. Madison Marcotte/Leilani Clark (SMCC): Walk-Over

5. Jasmine Urban/Sierra Scott (PARK): Walk-Over 

Order of Finish: 5, 1, 2*, 3, 4